Ravioli, talharine e lazanha, estão entre minhas massas preferidas; carnes, peixes, quiches, pães, saladas e aperitivos também podem ser muito saborosos. Gosto muito de um bom restaurante, boa companhia, boa comida e boa bebida. Contar essas experiências neste blog e passar para os amigos certas impressões é poder estender um pouco mais o prazer desses momentos. Espero que apreciem minhas dicas...bon appetit!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Crab ravioli at Bellini Grill

Walking around the streets of Philadelphia is really something that I enjoy a lot, especially in spring, when you can enjoy beautiful colorful trees and splendid blossoming cherry trees. To make this scenario more special, imagine me, on vacation, walking along Broad Street, passing right trough the City Hall and arriving at the Comcast building, where my daughter works, and is waiting to have lunch with me. By the time I got there, she had already decided which restaurant we should go, so there we went.

It was a real pleasure to go to this Bellini Grill Restaurant at 16th street. It had a very pleasant atmosphere; the saloon had huge panels painted with typical Italian landscape, folkloric Italian music was playing, and the waitresses were also very nice. I ordered crab ravioli with pesto cream and sun dried tomatoes and cheese, while Livia ordered white cheese ravioli with shrimp in a white sauce. They were delicious! Very, very good! http://www.bellinigrill.com/

We sat there for a while, ate good food, talked, laugh and enjoyed ourselves until the time she had to go back to work.

Sweet memories :)



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